a sinner in both regards.
This is an independant RP/Ask account for the character named The Watcher.

One life. One existence. There is no such thing. Death defeats us, and allows us to try again. And again. And again. Until there is nothing left but insanity.

"I am one, and he is the other. Together we serve one master. In his name, we destroy the supernatural. Together we are strong.

to-the-ark-operatorasked, "Ark was accustomed to the cold. By now it meant next to nothing to him. He stepped over branches and flipped his hood up as he passed a dead-looking tree. He tried to stay silent but every now and again couldn't help but mutter some reassuring word or two to himself. He leaned his head back, taking in deep breaths of cold air, letting dark hair spill over his shoulders. "Hello?" He called quietly. "Hello...?""

His call was answered by a hushed breath and then a whisper, “Greetings.” The blue eyes of Owl glowed softly in the dark ahead of this stranger as he slowly climbed down from a tree he’d been nestled in. 

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In the event that:

You are wondering where I’ve been, my computer died not too long ago. I’ve been without a computer for a month and a half now. I do hope those of you that I was roleplaying with haven’t gotten the wrong idea, I’d very much like to continue doing this, I’ve not given up yet.

I’ll be back, someday. I promise you that.

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Frost - Sierra


The spirits watched in amusement as the stranger struggles through the brush. they can hear his labored breathing. already, it seemed his efforts won’t hold him up for long.

above, the songless sparrow watches him closely. Sunshine, keeping silent for once, follows him a little more closely. keeping a good distance to keep track. Puppy, taking on her dog form, follows him in a brisk pace. knowing that he will eventually need to stop, or will fall down eventually.

the polar bear and the twin jaguars slowly make their way reluctantly into the forest. none of them wanted to, but the dog has insisted they help the stranger. going by her words.

"I know that scent…"

He staggers through the bush, crashing into several trees and standing to his feet, finding a clearing. “Dammit..” He looks around, trying to find the sanctuary of his makeshift home, the one he and Gryn had laid claim to in the forest of Frost.

He looks back, hearing the dog following him and backs into the shadows being cast by the largest pines in the forest.

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"I believe you." She said, tucking her hands behind her back. "Perhaps you’d like to excuse yourself? Or would you like to join me for a supper? I’m ravished."

Completely enthralled by his gaze, she didn’t break it, wishing to god that he could see her unwaving stare.
Intimacy like this had been missing in her life for decades on end.
Slowly, she felt her ever-dead heart beat to life, warming her cold flesh and bones once again.

He shrugs, looking back through the window. “I could use something to eat.. thank you for the offer. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll explain this behavior sometime later.” He nods to her as he picks up his bent blade.

Gryn’s embrace holds ever stronger as he stares at the being, the re-education causing something on a primal level to activate within him. Perhaps HE was not the one she’d met before, but the one that shared his body certainly was.

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"I’m assuming this creature does not usually engage in romance?" She asked, taking note of the sudden emotional change in Owl.

Corsola took the sides of Gryn’s face, brought herself back, stared right into his eyes and said:
"I am so glad you did, my love."
And she did what she had been craving to do all along; pushed her slowly warming lips against his, wrapping her boney arms around his neck.

Owl nods and blinks. “He’s.. not.. This is so unlike him..” He looks back at Perni. “Seriously..”

Gryn obliges her and kisses back, his skin fluctuating between its white complexion to a dark grey with red and blue symbols streaking every-which way. His eyes glow as he stares into where her eyes would be, pressing closer to her in turn.

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Raising her nose to the sky, she sniffed a few times, then gave Owl a small half smile.
"Whatever it is, it smells very much like red, red romance." Those words brought agony to her heart, romance meant Firebrand and Firebrand meant-

Stroking the side of his face, she let out a choked chuckle, almost crying if she could.
"Mmhhm-" She grabbed his smaller form, pulling him into a tight hug. Under her breath, she mumbled German into his ear, a thousand words of love and longing.

Owl blinks in disbelief as he looks in at Gryn and Corsola, nearly falling at the sight of his darker comrade embracing the slender form of the female, let alone without his mask.

Gryn embraces her in return, his own excitement and bewilderment coming to the surface in the way he breathes. He almost sounds as though he’s out of breath, hugging the female hard. “I’ve found you.”

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"Corsolaqui-Kendoinis. A supposedly KIA Slenderbeing. Until she killed my host." Pernicious said, clenching her jaw at the thought of Silas.
"I was going to contact her, but she found me instead." Pausing, she added: "And who’s ‘Rith’?"

With a nod, her smile grew wider.
"That’s me, darling." She said, the beautiful blue making her heart ache.
When was the last time she saw that blue? Ages, and ages ago.

"RithEnd is our master.. A celestial being that came to earth thousands of years ago, his sole intent was to come here and devour all the most powerful beings and take over the stars above.." He looks at her. "For some reason, I’m figuring this.. Corsolaqui? I figure she knows something about my partner Gryn that I don’t.."

Gryn removes his mask, the porcelain white skin on his face shimmering a bit in the light. His right eye shines blue, whilst the left shows red. His long black hair falls into his eyes as he stares up at her. “Corsola.. meine Liebe..”

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She just nods her head, sighing.
"You smell of truth, rather than deceit." She said. "Being blind, again, has its perks."

Bringing a hand to his forehead, she chuckled.
"You know me. Would I trick you?" She murmured, breathing in, and then out as she released memories into the creature before her.

He nods in return before glancing back inside the house. “What about her? Who is she?” 

Gryn’s mind is filled with the memories of a time he’d never actually experienced, but something he knew deep in his bones to be true. After her touch ends, his eye glances at her, the iris turning from its dark red color to a more familiar blue. “Corsola..”

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Frost - Sierra


the woman walked up to them, standing in front of them. remaining silent for a while before answering him.shoving at her hair to get it out of her face. revealing a scarred eye. the whites black, while the irises a bright magenta color. demonic

"I am Puppy, the one holds you is Ice King, those two are nameless males, so we just address them as jaguar" her voice had a soft husk to it. just the sound of it caused a gentle warmth to the males.

soon they carried on talking in spirit speak of what to do next with him.

Owl glances around, not liking how they exclude him from their own conversations. He glances to the side and then bolts out of the Bear’s grasp, running into the trees. Too good to be true, no one talks as though they are friendly and then turns around and hides their intent. He dashes through the trees, feeling his stamina starting to fail him.

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Pernicious rubbed her temples, letting out a huff.
"Fine. Fine. My apologies about your weapon. It stresses me out when the creature that killed my master just appears out of nowhere."

With a sigh, the Slenderbeing brought both hands to the sides of his mask.
"Corsola. I am Corsola. We met together in Hylo forest. Ages ago." She traced circles into the mask with her thumb, then smiled.
"I can see you are have troubles. Perhaps I can help?"

He blinks and then stares at Perni, unable to tell if she’s joking or not. “That’s it? You’re going to drop it like that?” He slowly lowers his hands to his sides as he waits for her response.

Gryn watches her, recognizing the name. “How can you help me remember.. How do I know this is not a trick?”

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She grabbed the blade, bent it, and tossed it aside.
"Do not make petty threats like that, or it will be your neck instead of a blade." She said, shoving him off.
"You brought him here, did you not?" She hissed, pushing him out the door and closing it behind her.

Kneeling, almost onto her very knees, she gazed into the mask to see his eye.
"I loved you. A long time ago." She said, putting her other hand on the side of the mask.
"I’d like to believe you truly loved me as well." Her long fingers pressed into his shoulder, as if straining to resist something.

Owl backs away from her, grunting at the loss of his weapon and staring angrily at her from behind his mask. “I said I did not lead him, we are connected through our minds.”

Gryn was not sure if she was telling the truth or not.. But she hadn’t tried anything yet. Her touch was chilling, but familiar. Perhaps he’d find out for sure if he can hold off his instincts a little longer.

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{{ for everyone unaware
corsola was my first muse in the slenderverse fandom
probably my oldest muse!!!
i decided to resurrect her bc there was a ship that i-am-the-watcher and i wanted to do back on my old blog, but for certain reasons, it never happened.
its going to now hAHAHHAH
ok so yeah resident slenderbeing: Corsolaqui-Kendoinis!!! }}

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Pernicious wasn’t easy to escape from, and she grabbed his shirt again, snarling:
"This was a trap?"

Corsola on the other hand was leaning to inhale Gryn’s scent, tilting her head.
"You smell exactly like him." She brought a thin hand to his shoulder, touching it gently. "Maybe you do not remember?"

Owl grunts and grabs her wrist, pulling a blade from his side and resting it against her neck, non-lethal edge pressed to her skin. “I have no desire to harm you. The one with the grin, is.” He looks back and blinks in disbelief as Gryn allows the being to touch him.

"Smell like master…?" He looks at her slim arm and then her hand on his shoulder, knowing in his core that he’s to try and harvest her, but not wanting to until he understands what is happening in this exact moment. "I know you.. but I cannot remember why I know.." His pointed face remains angled upwards at her after he stops looking at her hand.

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Frost - Sierra


"I C’aint beleive what im see’n" a husky southern drawl of a females voice sounded behind all of them.

twisting around they looked to a short, curvy woman with wild chocolate brown hair. sporting plain jane jeans and sweater get up. she would have seemed ordinary, had there not been a white tail wagging behind her. resting on her shoulder was the one called Sunshine.

"Whats this we got ‘er?"

Owl looks at her, feeling as though he knew who she was.. But he just could not place her face in his memory. “My name is Owl..” He sits up in the grasp of the polar bare, fixing his mask and blinking. “Who are you?”

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Corsolaqui-Kendoinis stood alive, though previously perceived as dead for years. By, miraculously, she was there and very much alive.
"Your timing is flawless, Miss Kendoinis." Pernicious says snarkily from, only to the creature’s offence.
"Oh, shut it. It took me ages to find you after you dropped off the face-"
Hanging on the word, she slowly turned around, head first and body following.
What she saw brought back more memories than she cared to remember. But now, she wished she hadn’t forgotten them at all.
"Oh.. Oh my god." Was the first thing that fell from her pale lips. "… Rith?" Corsola murmured, her hand reaching up to her mouth.

Gryn’s eye widened as she spoke. He was unable to answer, he merely stood in awe of her presence. Owl lowers himself, hoping she’ll focus on Gryn as he tries to find a new way out of the house. The large hooded, grinning masked form of Gryn shudders as he watches the slender being. 

Finally, he answers her. “Master’s name is RithEnd.. Master’s name..” He slowly lowers his weapon to his side as he stares up at her.

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